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Places are more than just walls and timber, they are masonry with history.

They are outstanding stories to be read and lived. Each one of our hotels has been authored by its surroundings and history, expressed as a gallery of iconic objects.

Antique Florentine angel in bronze

Before it came to life as a hotel, the Palladio had a long history as one of the many private palaces prevalent across affluent neighborhoods Buenos Aires between 1880 and 1930. Built and designed by French, Italian, German and Belgian architects, these residences were decorated with European objects and works of art, defining the aesthetic legacy of the Argentine capital.

At the time, these palaces were known primarily by the name of their owners. The building that houses this contemporary hotel today was the birthplace of local politician Nicolás Rodríguez Peña and home to many secret gatherings among patriots that led to the May Revolution. Almost a century later, French architect Luis Marin transformed the private home into a four-level hotel particulier, complete with noble flooring, marble staircases, living rooms covered in beautiful oak paneling cared by hand, and even a mansard roof.

Today, the European construction mixes with modern touches in the spirit of the Recoleta neighborhood — plus a few original surprises. An antique Florentine angel in bronze is a symbol of the building’s past and a witness, much like each guest, to its future.

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